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Working meeting and Partnership Agreements signature on 4.3.2019

EFREA project team had a working meeting on 4th of March 2019 in Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnical University. During the meeting the team discussed current issues of the project implementation, and each working group presented their preliminary results on Work package 1. Project manager Associate Prof. Paul Kah presented LUT achievements and preliminary results, including experimental data and presentation of published papers. Prof. Sergey Parshin (PtG Univeristy) presented analysis of welding and materials requirements for Arctic structures, Ekaterina Yashina (Prometey) presented the overview of materials requirements and steel properties at low temperatures, Dr. Pavel Kuznetsov (Prometey) presented coatings and 3d printing technology for Arctic applications, Ilia Karpov (Prometey) gave an insight on welding aspects of high-strength steels in Arctic conditions and described the challenges. Prof. Alexandr Bolshev (PtG University) gave an overview of wind energy structures and peculiarities of its operation in the Arctic. Administrative coordinator of the project Anni Liikanen (LUT) made a presentation concerning partnership agreements and administrative aspects. During the project the selection procedure for Advisory Committee has been started.

Apart from the working discussion, during the meeting, Lead Partner (LUT) has exchanged signed Partnership Agreements with two project partners, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and CRISM Prometey.

The meeting went in a friendly atmosphere and the project team exchanged valuable information to continue effective work.

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